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Northern Flight Simulation

About Us


Northern Flight Training is a fresh and a new dynamic approach to refreshing the existing skill set of type rated pilots and crews at very cost effective prices but at the same time using the state of the art facilities provided by leading European Academies of future airline Pilots.

We also offer advice to newly qualified pilots embarking on a type rating and share with them lessons learnt from our own experiences

We are passionate about working with pilots because we understand the strains and cost implications of keeping your hard earned type rating current.

As you are aware the last few years have been very bumpy and unstable times for the airlines and we are only just seeing now slow but positive trends of investment, recruitment and growth.

Our Ground school training programs offer a practical understanding and simple engagement of the Airbus/Boeing Aircraft and enhance your chances of gaining better footing with airlines and those intrepid simulator assessments.

You will be taught in a friendly environment of limited numbers offering a fun and engaging experience breeding confidence.

To get the best chances of making a good impression to the airline and passing the annual Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) we just do not offer one product but a complete training package. The flexibility offered in pick and choose technical topics consisting of one day training programs which will enable you to shrug of any doubts you may have. These one day courses of ground school with instructor and several hours of simulator training at a later date to suit your needs are uniquely designed courses which will refresh your current knowledge and breed confidence.

The Type Rating Preparation course is the only one of its kind where you are prepared in advanced of your type rating making it less stressful. Ask any type rated pilot and they will agree.

Our Pricing policy is to offer maximum value for money and that is a personal promise we wholly adhere to.


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