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Line Training

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Line Training

Airbus A320/ Line Training (Boeing 737 / Line Training) coming soon!

In close co-operation with our European/African airlines partners, we offer low hour type rated pilots a unique package to significantly boost their job opportunities on the world airline job market. With the line training package, you will be fully integrated into airline operations for a maximum of 500 hours of guaranteed placement. You will receive all training necessary, like CRM etc., to be part of an airline cockpit crew.
While simulators are a valuable and acceptable training tool, real flying time, familiarity with cockpit flows, system and emergency procedures, as well as flying, traffic control and airline procedures, are all very necessary ingredients needed to develop flying skills and other attributes that make a pilot preferred job applicant.

Option 1) TUNISIAN

Complete package Airbus A320 type rating, base training and 150hrs line training on A320:
44,000 Euro’s

Complete package Airbus A320 type rating, base training and 300hrs line training on A320:
52 000 euro’s


Option 2) UK/FRENCH

JAA A320 Type rating/Base training £24,000GBP PLUS 500 hours line flying with an airline based in France £36,000GBP - This includes accommodation and positioning flights if required.

For Options 1 and 2 you must do the type rating with their own school


Option 3) TURKEY

300hrs Airbus A320 LINE TRAINING is total approx 30,000 euro's

500hrs Airbus A320 LINE TRAINING is total approx 43,000 euro's


Option 4) AFRICAN

The African line training program is £29,900 GBP (500 hrs) open to all JAA/FAA/ICAO PILOTS

For Option 3 and 4 you must have a JAA/ICAO/FAA A320 type rating


Single Engine Commercial Hour Building Program

This is an opportunity for low hour commercial pilots to gain first hand regional airline experience and valuable logbook commercial time to prepare you for the high demands of jet flying later on in your careers. You will fly passengers and build up several hundred hours of commercial flying with prices starting from £2,500 for 100 hours.


Please note that all prices are subject to change

You can view and download our FAQ's here


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