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Ground School

Northern Flight Training

Ground School


Performance Course (Free)

This is an instructor led intensive course where the pilot will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of aircraft performance and practical.

Which will be taught and practised giving the student confidence in the flight deck if called upon by the captain on tight turn around?

Systems Course (Free)

This is an instructor led intensive course where the pilot will gain a better and clear understanding of the system such as hydraulics, electrical, auto flight etc. so they are not bamboozled but comfortable with system knowledge to get through the riggers of the day/p>

VOR/NDB & ILS Course (Free)

This is a fun hand on practical instructor led course where you will be using the Navigation Display and other tools to conduct VOR/NDB tracking giving you the confidence to stay on the right track and ILS procedures.

Cockpit Procedures/F.M.G.S course (Free)

This course using a Mock up you will be introduced to the F.M.G.S programming, flows and checklist. You will develop solid C.R.M (Crew Resource Management) and work with any new captain from whatever background.

S.O.P normal & abnormal (Free)

This intensive one day course instructor led builds upon your memory items and procedures in both normal and abnormal operations. We will help you develop a clear thinking process suitable to the way you think!

Ground School Free subject to Instructor availability & student numbers.

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