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LPC Check

Northern Flight Training

Licence Proficiency Check (L.P.C) Refresher 

This is a unique value for money and confidence builder course which provides type rated pilots the opportunity to prepare in a fun but professional approach to gaining a 12 month extension of their hard earned rating.

One DAY Ground School with Instructor

Two Hours Full Flight Simulator practice with Instructor

All the above for 995 GBP

We have devised this intensive course which brings to the forefront the necessary key skills required to satisfy the rigorous demands of a Line Proficiency Check with a positive outcome providing you are prepared to engage in both a fun and professional approach to our unique teaching techniques developed over many years.


  • Instructor led Cockpit Procedures for PF and PNF.

  • Instructor led Standard Calls and A.T.C telephony Procedures.

  • Standard Instrument Departure (S.I.D) (real time) training.

  • Taking up the hold and preparing for V.O.R /N.D.B approaches both selected and managed.

  • Understanding Raw Data( I.L.S ) Fundamentals and charts work.

  • F.M.G.S Programming and tutorials.

  • Instructor led Normal and Abnormal procedures.

  • Understanding T.C.A.S , Winshear, Go Arounds and Single Engine Work.
  • The above syllabus is taught both in the classroom and practiced in a 2hr full motion simulator with a friendly and calm instructor.

    An LPC Check can be arranged with an Examiner for 995GBP

    Please note that all prices are subject to change

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